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SantiAnt was inspired by the life and death of two great loves in Shaneequa O’Connor’s life – two loves that later unfurled her passion for entrepreneurship, fashion, and the overall ability to turn heartache into triumph. This eventually led to the creation of SantiAnt’s first line Thank My Ex and the overall creation of a brand that leaves you feeling like every bit the boss you are – the boss that gets through whatever but makes it look easy.


While SantiAnt appeals to the masses, Thank My Ex is for the ladies and holds a similar sentiment  – recognizing the boss within yourself. However, instead of focusing on all of life’s struggles this is tailored to the struggle that comes with overcoming a broken heart. It’s inspired by the turnaround that comes after a relationship ends and you upgrade your entire life with the intention of swaggin’ on your ex, but eventually just feel good and look even better for no other than yourself. 


Essentially, we’re a brand that firmly believes in the ability of turning your mood, life, and overall persona around with feel good fashion – so that’s exactly what we do.

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